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Software Solutions

CEI offers software solutions for a variety of industries. Typical projects we have completed include thermoforming, hospital safety infrastructure and Automated Demand Response (ADR), where specialized solutions were provided for each application. We also offer data migration services from a range of SQL and Oracle databases. Additionally, we can provide software services to integrate plant floor data with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This broad base of experience gives our engineers the tools to provide targeted solutions for a variety of data acquisition and integration goals. We also have experience in the development of unique dashboard displays for visualization and recognition of data patterns, to assist client’s in their decision making process.

Software languages and database handling tools we specialize in include:

-Oracle Database
-Structured Query Language(SQL)


Complementing our automation and integration services, CEI also offers cybersecurity assessments for our customers. These assessments allows us to find system vulnerabilities to prevent potential attacks and help our customers better prepare for any unscheduled downtime. Our assessment includes:

-Site survey of device and port topology of existing systems
-Review of user and authentication database
-Review of Firewall security configuration, setup, and upgrades
-Development or review of existing system network diagram
-Cybersecurity risk assessment via device architecture

After our complete analysis, CEI will work in conjunction with our customer and their IT staff to address any security flaws detected. By doing this, we can:

-Resolve high risk issues and reduce potential for attacks
-Develop protocols and train staff to handle security exploits
-Limit and contain real time attacks to isolate a system breach
CEI strives to understand each and every unique customer requirement, and to implement the appropriate cybersecurity standards. Within our customer's system and environment, we make sure they are secure.